Yozell Associates understands the complexities and risks associated with employer sponsored health and welfare benefits plans. Compliance, therefore, is a top priority and an integral component of our client service model. Our team strives to assist our clients with compliance regarding ERISA and IRS reporting obligations, as well as required employee notifications and disclosures. Since 1974, the scope of ERISA has significantly expanded to include COBRA, HIPAA, GINA, and ACA. As financial penalties for ERISA violations and non-compliance increase, our Compliance Review and ACA Penalty Analysis provide you with a road map to help you avoid penalties and meet your obligations.

We provide clients with resources to support their benefits plans being in compliance with ERISA, ACA and all relevant state and federal mandates. As a client, you will be provided with:

  • Annual Compliance Review

  • ACA Penalty Analysis

  • Summary Plan Description

  • Important Regulatory Alerts

  • Sample Mandatory Notifications

  • 5500 Preparation and Filing