A dedicated and professional team of consultants

By effectively utilizing over fifty years of collaborative vendor relationships, we are able to offer our clients competitively priced, innovative programs of the highest quality available.  -John Yozell


  • Strategic Group Employee and Executive Benefits Plan Development
  • Financial Analysis of Existing and Future Employee Benefits Plans


  • Benefits Vendor Assessment and Suitability
  • Monitoring State and Federal HR and Benefits Regulations
  • Evaluation of Benefits-Related Product and Funding Alternatives
  • Evaluation of Benefits-Related Product and Funding Alternatives

  • Design of Customized Employee Communications


With more than fifty years of group employee and executive benefits expertise, as well as benefits administration experience, we are uniquely positioned to be a trusted guide to our clients. As the world of employee benefits continues to evolve and expand, so too does our knowledge and service. Our collaborative work with clients include the development of multi-year, strategies and plans that support unique organizational and cultural objectives, including recruitment and retention of top talent By utilizing life insurance, disability income protection, and long-term care plans that supplement your group plans, we can strategically address the unique needs of your C-suite employees. >


Yozell Associates understands that state and federal HR and benefits compliance is a top priority for businesses, and therefore, it is an integral component of our client service model. Our team strives to assist our clients with compliance regarding ERISA and IRS reporting obligations, as well as required employee notifications and disclosures. Since 1974, the scope of ERISA has significantly expanded. >


We realize that executing and ensuring a quality and compliant employee benefits strategy and experience for your employees and executives is a complex endeavor. That’s why, in addition to offering compliance and group employee and executive benefit plan strategy and design services, we provide tools and resources to support those activities and assist your HR team with efficient management and administration of benefits. Examples of the way our group employee benefits brokerage firm keeps our clients informed of local and national HR, compliance, and employee benefits trends and changes include: