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Stay up-to-date on your HR and benefits compliance with ThinkHR. Putting thousands of compliance resources including checklists, news updates, forms, tools and files at your fingertips, your business won’t have to worry about falling behind. Instead of just filling out forms, ThinkHR Comply allows you to build and update content online, keeping you ahead of the game.


ThinkHR Learn provides “bite-sized” courses and resources so that your employees can learn and grow professionally. Different from other learning and professional development tools, this solution provides you with custom administration, a “private branded approach” and 24/7 access.


Do you have HR questions or an urgent issue that you would like experienced advice on? Don’t hesitate to reach out to ThinkHR Live, a group of experienced HR professionals who are eager to help you with any of your HR needs.


ThinkHR Insight provides you with the latest HR and employee benefits news and updates, so you are never left out. Such updates are especially important to individuals responsible for HR and employee benefits oversight. Think HR provides legislative updates, as well as updates about employment law and group employee benefits compliance.


Yozell Associates offers employee and executive benefits communication services which help to ensure that your employees and your C-suite are both informed about their benefits and understand the financial value of the benefits you provide. We create clientspecific, branded benefit brochures and customized total compensation statements that help to reinforce your employee value proposition to both junior staff and executive teams. Our experienced team members will help to implement targeted wellness campaigns, coordinate employee health fairs, and conduct educational benefits enrollment meetings and benefit webinars.

As your benefit advisors, we provide assistance and resources to develop an employee benefit communications strategy that addresses your annual benefits open enrollment needs and the on-boarding needs of new hires throughout the year.