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We provide advice and guidance on a multitude of group employee benefits including health, life, disability, voluntary benefits, and taxfavored vehicles. We also address the unique needs of your C-suite employees through individual products. Through the development, execution, and oversight of strategic, competitive benefit plans, we help our clients incentivize, attract and retain top talent — both senior management and more junior staff.

THINKHR & HR Support

We are pleased to offer our clients 24/7 support for HR, benefits, and compliance questions and concerns via ThinkHR, an integrated suite of HR knowledge, compliance tools and training solutions supported by live HR professionals. This value-added benefit saves time, money, and offers a team of on-demand HR professionals to answer questions or provide advice. Our employee benefits brokerage firm also offers employee communications strategy development and services, including branded benefits materials, total compensation statements, and assistance with employee wellness and benefits events.


As financial penalties for ERISA violations and non-compliance increase, our Compliance Review and ACA Penalty Analysis strive to provide you with a road map to help you avoid penalties and minimize HR-, employee-, and benefits-related risk. Our compliance services include the education of regulatory and reporting requirements related to HIPAA, COBRA, GINA, and ACA.