Human resources professionals are approaching talent mobility with a new sense of purpose and support from leadership, as employee mobility is being transformed to better support overall corporate growth strategies, according to the results of a survey conducted by talent mobility solutions provider BGRS.

Released on October 18, the survey reflects input from more than 120 talent mobility leaders and human resource professionals, representing more than 12 million employees worldwide. The results showed that 63% of respondents indicate that employee mobility is high on their organizations’ leadership agenda. The survey also found that 85% of respondents say they have recently made, are currently making, or are planning to make strategic changes to the way employee mobility is managed in their organization, primarily to align their primary remit with the overall business strategy, to develop innovative talent strategies, and to help business leaders achieve their objectives.

In addition, more than one-quarter of the survey respondents (27%) said that in an increasingly globalized business landscape, international work experience is a prerequisite to joining their company’s senior leadership team. According to researchers, this finding points to a clear generational shift. They observed that while only 22% of current Fortune 100 CEOs have international work experience, and that of the 10 oldest Fortune 100 CEOs, only two have taken international assignments; among the youngest 10, eight have worked outside of their home country.

Moreover, nearly half of survey respondents (49%) indicated that the main reason they are making improvements to the mobile employee experience is to increase employee satisfaction. Researchers observed that this finding demonstrates that career management is growing in importance for companies who want to continue to attract top-tier candidates for strategic leadership assignments and to retain high-performing employees in whose development they are investing.

The survey results also underlined that as global mobility moves onto the senior leadership agenda, having robust, accurate data has become a necessity.

From Benefit Trends Newsletter, Volume 60, Issue 11

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